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Social listening, also known as social media listening, is tracking and identifying platforms where the company, brand, or product is being mentioned and then analyzing them to create opportunities to act on.
Social listening goes beyond the numbers to consider the mood of the data. This “online mood” is often referred to as social media sentiment. Being aware of changes in social sentiment helps you to respond right away to unexpected changes.

Social Media Listening = More Reach and Engagement
Nowadays, people actively talk about a product or brand online and, you should be aware of what they have to say.
So, if you care about your brand/company you would actively be a part of social listening and work on the insights.

Here are some ways social listening can help your business:

1. Understand and engage with your audience
It helps to understand your audience’s needs and, it is a quicker way to engage with your customers.

2. Industry and Competitor Analysis
It helps you get insights into what people are talking about your competitor as well as how the brands are responding and moving forward. It gives you real-time data on what the competitors are up to and creates a lot of opportunities.

3. Product Intelligence
Identifying and analyzing the conversation around the industry helps to uncover many insights and allows the industry to experiment.
This information allows you to improve customer service and product development.

4. Identifying collaboration opportunities
Identifying and monitoring social conversations about your industry will give you a sense of the important creators and thought leaders in your category.
These influencers and thought leaders can have a huge influence on how people feel about you.

5. Helps to avoid crises before they happen
Social listening allows you to track sentiment in real-time, so you can know about the changing dynamics and the mood behind the comment. It acts as an early warning system alerting you to the positive or negative changes in how your brand is perceived online.

Social listening will assist you in finding organic ways to join relevant online communities that are helpful.

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