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Everyone in the digital marketing ecosystem is working on a boatload of strategies to face new challenges in the new year. However, the smartest among them are relying on the most powerful strategy of all – good old-fashioned memes.  That’s because everybody loves memes. So, taking the best from 2021 & anticipating the best of 2023, here are the Top 17 Funny Digital Marketing Memes for you.

Digital Marketing memes

1. When the client thinks he knows what he wants but ends up self-contradicting himself over & over again as he wants to cover all bases & his bases are deeply rooted in the stratosphere.

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

2. When you are a developer, life is a game of snakes & ladders & you never know which error is going to bite you down to 2 days ago because you added an extra semi-colon that will take more time to be found than it takes to be properly used by students of English in their entire lives.     

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

3. When you meet an ‘expert’ with vast experience of having spent 30 seconds reading the title of a blog while searching “SEO is dead” on the recommendation of a similar ‘expert’, with neither of them realizing that the very result appears because of this ‘dead’ service.

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

4. When you do your best to optimize the ad but the industry & nature of the product won’t let you bring down the figures to what the client insists is his competitor’s because he had a dream last night where God himself laid out a media plan for him. Isn’t this be considered of one the epic digital marketing memes out there?

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

5. When you think you have cracked that viral campaign & launch it confidently only to find you may have over-estimated the performance by a tiny margin of infinity & are wondering how exactly are you going to explain rejecting your team-mate’s idea that was eventually used by an MNC & it went viral.

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

6. When the client finally agrees to take up SEO but thinks the definition of it is ‘Speedy Excellent Output’ & has already planned a party expecting the dethroning of Google’s ranking in its own search results by the coming weekend. That’s the ultimate funny digital marketing meme that revolves around the industry.

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

7. When you have been running amazing ads but no one would fill the lead forms cause no one wants what the client is selling but you can’t tell that to the client & instead light a lamp in front of Google search page results every morning hoping for a miracle.

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

8. When the client’s vision of what he wants gets updated every time you share the output & he keeps making promises of the next one being the ‘final’ one but ensures your next 3 generations will keep working on that one task because it’s ‘urgent.

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

9. When your inner voice is torn between professional fulfilment that also benefits the client & the emotional fulfilment of the client who got his idea approved by 3 of his friends from industries as relevant as a spoon to a dolphin. Sad but it’s no less than one of the funny digital marketing memes that are been rolling in the digital marketing industry space.

10. When you have been delivering great results for your client for the last 1 year & he suddenly decides to seek other options so that he can save Rs.200 every month as his revenue of 1 lakh a month won’t cover that cost. This fact has turned out as one of the memes in the digital marketing space.

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

11. When you find a hot lead who is so eager that he wants the proposal yesterday & you spend the entire night preparing the best pitch you have ever made only to find that suddenly he seems to have shifted to the Himalayas with no network connection.

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

12. When the client asks you to come up with a content strategy & you put brilliant minds together to create an ingenious one, only for it to be thrown out the moment something starts trending. Because who wants a carefully curated set of content ideas when you can draw Venn diagrams that 98 other brands are doing too.

Meme Topical Content

13. When the SEO expert has finally recovered from the mental trauma of losing 60% of his website traffic due to Google’s last update that his client still taunts him about, and Google decides to renew his memory with some fresh trauma. It’s the fact that SEO professionals face this and it turns out as one of the SEO memes out there in the world of digital marketing memes.

SEO Meme

14. When the client thinks ‘task brief’ is something that has to be decided after seeing multiple variations in the output & the designer is the genie for his unlimited wishes. Why rub a lamp when you can rub a designer’s face in his design that he spent 3 days re-working.

Graphic Designer Meme

15. When you have been looking for leads for weeks & the ocean of opportunities seems as vast as the Sahara Desert. There is a legend about leads that pick up your cold call, hear you out completely & then respond without declining, insulting or hanging up. Harsh truth but at the same time, it has been considered as one of the funny digital marketing memes out there.

Business Development Meme

16. When you think you have the next award-winning campaign idea that will storm the advertising world & establish your client as a trendsetter, but the idea doesn’t even pass the internal review of your team. Let’s park that idea for now. We can revisit it never.

Social Media Campaign manager Meme

17. When the word AI is being used by every 3rd Digital Marketer & is claimed by every 4th Digital Marketing Agency. ‘AI-Powered’ is to digital as ‘All Natural’ is to everything else, a common claim that is less of a fact & more of a figure of speech.

AI Digital Marketing Meme

This brings us to the end of this weirdly numbered list of funny digital marketing memes. Unlike the resolutions that you will never keep, these digital marketing memes will say with you forever. They are the fuel that will drive you to navigate the maze of agency life. Remember, memes offer the means to meaning & for those who observe closely, the enunciation of laughter.

Remembering the wise words of Einstein, “Life without meme-ing is life without meaning”.

We wish you a very Happy New Year 2023. Hope you have a meme-worthy time.

10 Memes All Digital Marketers Will Relate To

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