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Digital marketing is the need of the hour for all B2B businesses in the 21st century. As the world moves online, traditional methods of gaining presence for your B2B company are becoming less effective in providing outcomes. B2B enterprises must be present wherever the possibility of reaching customers is strong, which is currently the digital realm.

SEO marketing is a great way to drive leads and turn them into clients. Improving search visibility is the primary goal of SEO marketing. The process helps search engines give your company more priority and traffic when generating their rankings. Here’s how some of our top B2B brands have used SEO marketing to their advantage.

Did you know?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is cited as the top lead generator by 33% of B2B organizations


SAAS CRM Software Company is a cloud-based contractor’s business platform that is versatile, simple to use, and extremely well-integrated. Our campaign strategy was focused on identifying certain US geographic areas for targetting and attracting contractors to use the platform. 

  • 5k leads were generated 
  • 52,36,451 was the total reach
  •  924 conversions were received 


Phillips Machine Tools India, another one of our major B2B clients, is a subsidiary of Phillips Corporation. Increasing their organic traffic and rankings was the campaign’s primary goal.

  • 2x increase in organic traffic


Not only that, but we also accomplished high lead generation for Instoried’s sophisticated AI, which assesses the emotional engagement quotient of content and makes wise recommendations to improve audience participation. The online campaign’s main goal was to get consumers to use their platform.

  • 15K sign-ups received
  • 1L+ traffic generated in 6 months


Let’s take a look at another one of our clients, Apex Infralink which is a 20-year-old, well-established assemblage of enterprises that supplies bulk human resources for infrastructure projects in India and the Middle East. We provided comprehensive rebranding assistance to Apex Infralink. In order to suit the new age objectives of the organization, everything from the company’s logo to its brand standards was enhanced.

  • The 4 essential qualities of the brand were identified and utilized: commitment, trust, stability, and reliability
  • Total branding makeover for its entire group of companies was accomplished


It was an honor to work with D&H Sécheron, a well-known company in India for producing high-quality welding equipment. But owing to intensive competition, its ranking did not appear at the top of Google search results. The initial goal was to get their website to appear #1 in Google searches for the chosen keywords. Therefore, the goal was to improve the website’s SEO and keyword optimization so that it would rank higher than its competitors.

  • Targeted keyword ranking in the top 10 on Google SERP was established 
  • #1 rank for the SEO keyword “welding consumables India” was successfully attained 


Not only that, but we also recorded the maximum level of website engagement for iSN, one of India’s leading mystery shopping service providers. They have been around for more than ten years and have some high-end customers. The client wanted to increase organic website traffic.

  • 10% to 30% increase in the website’s organic traffic noticed every month
  • A total increase of 172% in the website’s organic traffic observed over the preceding period


Science Equip Pty Ltd is an Australian family-owned and operated business. They have an authorized dealer of quality laboratory equipment and consumables. The mandate for Science Equip was to make the SEO-optimised website and generate more traffic to increase sales. We finalized a few focus keywords for SEO and added keyword-seeded content through blogs and website content. 

  • 37% QoQ increase in organic traffic observed
  •  23 keywords ranking in the top 10 positions of Google SERPsweres attained


Coming to another leading Tata Group company, Voltas Water is a joint venture between Voltas and Dow Chemical (USA). It facilitates clean water at 1/10th the cost of other alternatives. The mandate for Voltas Water was a core B2B lead generation exercise. We ran several campaigns across SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising to generate relevant leads for their business. 

  • 30% increase in traffic quarter on quarter achieved 
  • 35% increase in leads via Google attained


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