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The health & fitness industry has adopted digital reformations remarkably.

In fact, if you dive deeper into the world of digital marketing for health and fitness brands, you’ll see how well they have incorporated influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, as well as digital ad films for the most part.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how some of the major brands in the health & fitness industry have leveraged digital marketing in order to understand its importance.


Eris Lifesciences, a leading pharmaceutical company, wanted to spread awareness about the brand and emphasize the values of empathy and patient centricity using digital marketing as their tool. They used not one but a set of different posts, targeting special days such as National Education Day and World Pollution Prevention Day to achieve their desired results.

The numbers achieved through digital marketing were astounding as mentioned below!

  • Organic reach went up to 2709 unique accounts
  • Organic impressions were 3244


But that’s not all as Eris Lifesciences also leveraged paid advertising to lure more audience and establish themselves as not just another pharmaceutical company but one that truly cares about your health and welfare. Hence, during World Nutrition Week, they ran a nutrition-focused digital media campaign, prioritizing education on the importance of nutrition.

The numbers garnered speak of the campaign’s success.

  • Paid reach skyrocketed to an enormous 271K accounts
  • Engagement acquired was 15K on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn


Another renowned name in the industry is Sigvaris (Novomed), a Swiss family-owned medical equipment brand specializing in compression solutions. Their goal was to generate sales through performance marketing.

The numbers accumulated simply speak volumes. 

  • ROAS achieved was 3.5x
  • 900+ purchases were successfully completed
  • Avg. cost per order value of ₹4700 was as low as ₹900


Thermaissance is a leading B2B brand in the industry that redefines the healthcare textile sector with technology that inactivates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Their demand was a rather simple one wherein they wished for their brand awareness video to go viral and get as many views as possible. 

Let’s see their numbers now. 

  • Views on the video crossed 50K


And Thermaissance wanted more so…they got more! They wanted to amplify their organic reach and engagement while conveying a social message. Named #MyCovidAngel, their campaign garnered quite traction. 

Let’s digitize those for you to understand clearly!

  • Organic reach attained was a mindblowing 72,000
  • Engagement received on Instagram was 18.3K, Facebook was 20.5K, and Linkedin was 691


Coming to another prime FMCG brand from the health & fitness industry is Sattva Store, the official store of The Art Of Living, offering organic, and natural products. They wanted to upscale their online sales. Let’s see how they managed to achieve their targets!

  • Growth of 250% in their social media engagement
  • Increased website revenue by 500% via Facebook Ads


But there’s more to digital marketing than just reach and engagement. There’s also the need to drive traffic which can be very well accommodated by digital marketing. And this popular US-based healthcare brand wanted just that! Through search engine optimization, they wanted to enhance their website traffic and they did experience a 22% QoQ increase in organic traffic!


Now, coming to another tangent of health and fitness brands, GO Sport, a specialist in sports footwear housing 70+ legendary sports and lifestyle brands such as Nike, Asics, New Balance, Speedo, and more had just launched their new store in Delhi, India. And they wanted to spread awareness and create an immeasurable buzz around the same. With #UpYourGame, a targeted influencer marketing campaign, they achieved their primary goal of driving traffic to their offline and online stores. Secondarily, they also managed to boost their social media followers.


Apart from all of the above, medical clinics are also a part of the health & fitness industry. Life Force Homeopathy, one of India’s leading clinics that also has its wings spread across the globe wanted to create awareness regarding the brand. 

The impact they created was enormous. 

  • Increased page likes went from 37,787 to 55,401 within 6 months


Moreover, Life Force Homeopathy also accomplished the 3rd rank for targeted keywords within 6 months and reached 1 Million unique accounts through a storytelling video campaign. 


So, to infer, there are quite a number of brands in the health & fitness space that have successfully benefited from the power of digital marketing. And if you want to know how these health & fitness brands have effectively incorporated digital marketing for their growth, and success, read the strategy here!